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Trash. Whether inside or outside there was more glare on the inside then ive ever encountered my decades of glasses. My woman is hard on glasses so i threw these junkos in hey purse insread of the trash but she wasnt excited about them either. the pictures were also misleading -- i bought the blue but it only looks that cool from certain angles.
Great shorts have a slight slim look to them without feeling to tight. I was able to run and swim comfortably in these.
Tear easily after mild use.
there good pants and i will order again ! there just tight in waist
Muy buenas y lindas y entregadas en la fecha acordada
These are wonderful socks. Nice and thin, vented on the top, and soft. I am a ladies size 9.5 and they hang off my toe by about an inch and a half. I put them in my husband's drawer, and he later asked me where the awesome socks came from and asked me to order more of them. So they are a great sock for running in the Florida heat. The tab in the back comes up pretty far, but I particularly like that as I hate when my shoes eat my socks.
As described
I bought 2 of these caps. One for my boyfriend and one for my 7 year old son, and they fit great and look amazing. Definitely recommend to anyone.
The cotton felt a little strange not soft but like rope, size XL tight sizing chart is in-correct seems like you need to go 1 size up.
Since I'm not a sponsored tournament fisherman, I have to pay the ridiculous prices at tackle shops for clothing and sunglasses. Thankfully I found these. For about 1/10 the price you get the same thing (sans logo) as the $50 fishing shirts you find in the stores.

I wore this shirt every day during a week on the water in Baja (over 100° most days) and it was comfortable to wear and kept me from getting sunburned. The neck fits tightly enough to keep the sun out but not so tight that it is uncomfortable. By the end of the week it had been covered in fish blood and guts so many times, but each night I just threw it in the sink with a bit of shampoo, washed it out and hung it to dry. The next day it was good to go for another day of adventure.

I also wore it a couple of times in the water when I wanted to jump in quickly to shoot video of whale sharks or fish under a kelp paddy. I knocked it down one star only because it's a bit generic looking and the material is light and will catch and pull if you have rough skin or a hangnail (no different from any other wicking shirt like this). A great buy!!
Enjoy wearing
I LOVE how easy the backs are to put on, but they aren’t comfy to sleep in. I change jewelry infrequently and I had both pairs in the 4th and 5th piercings in my ears. Changed them after a few days since my ears were hurting. Still like them, though!
Great quality. I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered these, but they are great running socks. I won't hesitate to purchase another pair.
Great fit.
Great bag! Would purchase again
These are stunning. I have very sensitive ears and these did not cause any discomfort.
I bought this exact shirt because I needed a shirt with a even ratio of polyester and cotton. But upon looking at the back and after washing a few times, this light steel shirt is 90% cotton and 10% polyester unlike the advertised 60% cotton and 40% polyester. I am very disappointed because it has already shrunk to small for my size. Complete false advertising.
It's a great purse. Kind of small. Knocking off two stars because it's advertised "with charm" and mine didn't come with one. Seller says they don't have any. If you don't have any charms left, you should probably mention that in the description somewhere or remove the "charm" but from the title.
Great gift for a preschooler.
Work shirts do you have same with pocket?
Nice quality, but the size was much smaller than expected.
I wear a 36w 30l 569 levi. These shorts fit exactly like the jeans.
Was very disappointed
There was no purse with this bag!! I bought a set and only recieve one item. I was very disappointed.
They work.
Definitely happy with this purchase. I work outside and this hoodie is soft, warm, and fits well. Has stood up well to several weeks of heavy construction without any diminishing effects. Will purchase again.
Only thing I didn’t like was that the collars don’t lay flat
Great work shirt somewhat large
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