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Love this belt. Would purchase it again. Looking to buy more colors.
Perfect and authentic!
Perfect size!
This backpack is so cute and I love that it came with that little puffy keychain. Lots of room for things in there and I don’t have to worry about anything getting stolen. Very nice product I highly recommend.
For a mature man with deflating maximus gluteus they fit great
These are nice sunglasses. But they are too wide to fit under the bill of my hat the way I like my sunglasses to fit. Well worth the money if you don't wear hats! They are a little wide so if you've got a smaller head then take that into consideration. I've got a pretty big head and I still think they are a little wide.
Roomy bag . Plenty of pockets.
Nice soft material that is tag free; fits perfectly and stays put.

The elastic band is soft, it feels like it's a very expensive spandex. No pinching like cheap elastic does and it doesn't bind or stick, and is perfect for anyone that is sensitive to elastic. It has an imprinted tag so not to have an annoying piece of material.

They washed up nicely and seem to hold up through continual use. It is especially nice that they don't bunch or bind when wearing with jeans. But, they are very slick! Wearing them with athletic shorts is interesting at first, they are so slick tha you need to be careful when sitting, or you might slide off the seat!
Fits perfect
The 100% cotton socks are better. This polyester blend makes my feet sweat. I'm not a fan. I will not buy these again.
 This is a beautiful and very sturdy bracelet. I got this bracelet with my husbands initial because he is sick, needing a lung transplant so I got the initial to always have a piece of him with me. It will not oxidize or tarnish. It has lasted me through swimming and washing dishes. Still looks new.
Great shorts
Fits well
Read the reviews they said they ran big so ordered small for both of us and they are perfect!!👍🏻
Gave these to my husband and he adores them.
will not stay buckled and i thought it had no metal and would pass through a metal detector. it will not.
I have always had a large wallet because I thought I had to have absolutely everything with me (a dozen business cards I would never use on a daily basis, all of my credit/debit cards, all my rewards/loyalty cards, license, cash, etc). But when you get a wallet like this you are forced to prioritize which is exactly what I wanted and what this did for me. The entire thing fits in the palm of your hand, its extremely lightweight and the leather feels amazing, very premium. It will take some breaking in, as some of the internal slots for cards are tight, but that is to be expected with leather. The Secure pouch in the middle for your credit cards is awesome, I have it front loaded with my most used card and back loaded with my license, easy to get to both, the middle ones aren't hard to get to, you just have to push some down that pop up. I love that they pop up staggered in height so you can see at a glance each card. I don't really carry cash on me, but do have occasional checks I deposit at the bank, so the cash wraparound on the inside is perfect for that. I am super happy with this wallet, would most definitely recommend for people looking to slim down on what they carry, this will force you to re-evaluate what's most important to have with you.
Love money clips. Bought this one to replace my TB one that son inherited (could not find another one so bought this for me). Great capacity with pockets, good leather, and fashionable look. Don't like the actual money clip - it slides in and out very easily and falls out of place (or completely).
So far so good
The polarized lens makes things appear sharper.
Super soft lounging pants. Beware though! If you are of the athletic build you may want to order a size up because these will show through if stretched. I definitely love these for around the house. A little nervous to leave the house because they are kinda fitted around my thighs. Definitely would order a second pair just in a larger size. I’m 5’7 185lbs and I’m of a very athletic build. I have bigger thighs so they fit as I expected they would (snug as usual).
Its hard to find much to like about this belt. It runs small so my 36 barely fits my size 32 waste. Also it looks smells and feels like plastic instead of leather. To cap it all off the buckle is clearly one hard hit or a few more bumps or a couple weeks more wear away from falling off. Its already loose and just screams im gonna fail any minute now...
Very good quality bracelet. I got it as a gift for my sister and we both loved them. Great idea to carry your hair tide but still look cute.
Great Costa quality. Very small size. Need to add sizes to add. I have the same pair only in a larger size and the style and type of Costa is great. That's why I was buying a back up pair.
The quality was good as expected, but who wants an *under*shirt that is all kinds of baggy? No good under my dress shirts for that reason, which is why I bought them.
This tote is fabulous! Very study, yet with a soft touch. I love that it's reversible. AND, it's vegan leather so no animal had to die for me to carry my laptop! WIN WIN!
The socks are very comfortable I like them a lot
Wonderfully soft and pretty color.
For the price this is a great quality hat! It’s kinda deep for my noggin, but that’s just me. Good hat, will buy again!
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