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They came up broken..
I am the volunteer Property Manager for my church and have 7 keys. I kept the keys on two carabiners which have holes on one end with ring cilps for keys. The carabiners were color-coded according to which building and had 3 holes each. I had them clipped to a lanyard. Boy, did they make a lot of noise. More noise than I wanted to hear coming from my person, so I rarely wore the lanyard around my neck. But, then I had a big clump in my pants/skirt/dress pocket. Or, I just carried the keys, but inevitably, I would put them down to do something with two hands and not be able to find them or forget to grab them and then lock myself out of the office or building. Along comes the KeySmart. Wonderful. It has been wonderful. It completely eliminated the noise and the bulk. One end has Building 1 keys and the other end has Building 2 keys. I have not attempted to take it apart and put it back together to add another key to it. When our new pastor started and she needed to be given a set of keys to the two buildings, I purchased a KeySmart for her as well. I had had mine for several months by then (it was the end of April). She likes it very much as well. When I had to put a new lock set set on the Pastor's office door, I could not face the idea of taking it apart (I had not seen the reviews at Amazon.com as I had purchased both from TheGrommet.com), so I opted to have the new lockset keyed to the least used key already on our KeySmarts. So, I cannot comment on "adding additional keys". It is so nice NOT to be a jingling, and a jangling when wearing the lanyard.
Study build, fits snugly over my big ass calf. Toe sis sturdy. medium thickness.
a very big turtle pendant, nice
Bought for my husband because he tends to go through belts pretty often. I was skeptical but turns out these last; even more-so than really expensive ones. He loves it, has purchased more for different color and buckle options and I don’t think he will go back to a standard belt ever again. We have also purchased for other men in the family and they love them too! Highly recommend!
yup, under a shirt and I'm set.
Don't waste your money! The belt fell apart after a few months! Cheap piece of crap!
Good suspenders for everyday wearing. I bought them for my dad and he really likes them. Good clips that do hold on well to his pants. Good price, on time delivery.
Cheap quality and the screw already snapped and fell off so they are already broken and useless. They are too large and too thick. The blue light filter DOES work very well. They reduced my headache and eye strain so much. I wish the frames were better quality. I'm won't purchase again and would recommend another brand.
This is the second Grip6 belt I have purchased. I purchased this on for my son and he loves it. I have had mine for almost a year and will never buy another brand of belt. These belts are durable and look great. I am very impressed with this product and I highly recommend it. Thanks and God Bless.
Good fit
Not as soft and comfortable as I expected but good enough for the price!
Pictures don't do justice to this beauty. The cristal it's simply stunning! Shines beautifully and the size is just right. Chain firm and the clasp is too. I loved it and would buy again for sure.
I really like the wide single shoulder strap. wishing it was a little bigger in height though to fit more stuff into it, including an ipad when necessary. Also would be nice if it had a smartphone pocket on the outside for easy access. There are 2 outside pockets but the slanted one is too small for anything but ear buds or maybe lipstick; the other pocket fits small stuff like your keys. Seems to be well made otherwise.
Love the feel and design. Came in on time fits me and my life perfectly.
Wore holes very quickly, but very cute.
Overall, they were good sunglasses, but the pair I received were slanted, annoying feeling when wearing them.
Very nice
Fits my husband great
Nice birthday gift. Necklace and box were nice. Box is very small but beautiful
Great sunnies - a little wider than expected but love the little pouch they come in.
The cushioning properties of these socks came as a pleasant surprise! They have just the right amount of elasticity to go on easy! All in all they are great socks!
I really liked this wallet, love the color as well. Plenty of room for all the things I need (and don’t need) to carry. Would absolutely buy this as a gift.
Delivery and product wonderful
I love it
First the positives... I love the way this little purse looks. It comes in a lot of different designs and it is very well made. The turtle is so cute. I do not like carrying around a gigantic purse every day and this is definitely not big at all.
Now for the negatives... the description says this is a cell phone purse and except a few credit cards, that’s all you are going to get in this thing. There is zero room for an emergency tampon or sunglasses. Zero. My cellphone BARELY fits. I have an IPhone XR and a pretty slim case and a pop socket on the back and I have to stick it in pretty carefully or it will get stuck on the sides. I have to clip my keys to the metal piece with a carabiner on the outside of the purse by where the strap is which means I make a jangle noise with every step. My sunglasses hang off the front pocket because I can only get an arm in there. If I’m not careful, I knock them off onto the ground when they are in there. I wish they would have made this purse just a smidge bigger. Just a TEENY bit bigger would make all the difference for me. Or if they would make it somehow stretchy so that it could hold more.
Even with all that, I would probably get another one of a different design at some point.
Fits as expected with same quality expected as large department stores carry.
Excelente calidad ! La capacidad de portar las tarjetas de crédito y mantenerse delgada es increíble ! La cálida del cuero muy buenos detalles!!
My husband liked them and they looked amazing!
Being made in China we take our chances. I just wanted inexpensive glasses because they get lost so fast, these are top quality.
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