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I was on the fence about buying these. But I'm glad I did. Very good quality. No case only complaint. Otherwise I would have given them 5 🌟.
A bit thinner than what I was expecting and thinner than other athletic socks I've owned, otherwise they're great.

Since they're thin I'll probably wear them during warmer days
Love this and great price! Quality is perfect.
This case is great! It looks as though it will keep my new sunglasses safe - the red is super vibrant and the design is just outstanding. #Amazing
Perfect size, great color. I Recommend this bag. Just what I was looking for.
I got these in my daughters size but they're huge. They're supposed to be toddler sized- my daughter is a size 5/6 in shoes- but these fit her like big kid size socks. The good thing is we can hold onto them and she can wear them when her feet grow a few more sizes.
Cute piece.
Draw string is crappy Poorly installed whimpy draw string
Love love love this ring. I never take it off my thumb and it NEVER turns my finger green. I can’t wear anything except the β€œ925” sterling silver kind and this ring is just that. Perfection
Only downside is no markings on belt to aid in the trimming process
Very comfortable pair of jeans
Great gift! He loves it!
perfect fit
It's cute and my 8-year old, pig LOVING daughter is just thrilled with it.
Very loose
near perfect ! Think I will use these as underwear also....
Great tie, just not the color I needed
Good quality.
Good thickness. Good durability. Still feel good many months later.
EDIT: Some of the designs are printed on a different fabric! Some are just like I wanted (5 star), but then I bought more colors and some are a perforated polyester fabric (2 star!) ... those are going back. I'm still happy with the first ones but, wow, I wish we could trust sellers here to be more consistent.

First review: This is the same kind of face cover for music festivals, conventions and other places where people may be singing or shouting! I had some of these even before COVID to wear for cons and game tournaments -- this type of cover cuts back on particles and droplets in the air from people clearing their throat, shouting, singing, sneezing, etc. so we're less likely to share even a regular cold. Everyone wins.

The light protection also keeps my nose and throat from getting scratchy after talking in a crowded dealers hall and game room all day. The fabric isn't magic, this is not meant for facing diseases in a hospital... but I'm back to pick up more because in casual settings I personally caught "con flu" less often than my friends. Your mileage may vary.

I'm leaving a review here because some sellers right now have really cheap gaiters with bad sizing (way too small!), and I've bought and returned a bunch. However, THIS exact one (as of today) is a good fabric and proper adult size. (If they switch it up after this, I'll be mad. Don't let me down, sellers!)

The designs are well printed and I've washed mine a few times now.
the color is more faded than expected.
4.5 stars Very sleek but difficult to put together I advise you leave it alone once put together because it works perfectly once you get it. Works good for all standard sized keys. Thank y'all
Great fit and price.
My husband enjoys having his hankie with him in his pocket daily. It has come in handy on many occasions. They are as expected. Nice cotton with a classic unobtrusive design. I put them in the washing machine and fold them when they finish the dryer. They have some wrinkles and curling up in the corners but I don't bother to iron them. This is my second time ordering them and since the last order was 6 years ago, I decided to get some new fresh ones.
excellent product
Nicest frame, clearest vision and best case of three pairs of sunglasses ordered.
Lived them enough to where when I lost them in the lake I ordered another pair immediately
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